breathing holding you back?
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Breathing...the challenge is REAL
Do you feel you are constantly gasping for air?
If you struggle to manage your breathing while you're in the water - Coach Mandy can help.

Do you find that you're unable to enjoy your vacation or workout because you can't manage to swim continuous laps in the pool?

Maybe you've been thinking of competing in a triathlon, but you're worried about your swimming performance.

Have you ever had someone who is clearly out of shape completely fly past you in the same lane and you're wondering how that is even possible ?!

Don't worry; there is HOPE!

In this ebook, Coach Mandy will guide you through identifying what the issue is AND help get you started on the right track to achieving easy and euphoric breathing. 
Downloading this ebook is going to give you :
  •  Clarity and a resolution to your problem.
  • Simple exercises to bring awareness to your breath.
  •  A chance to stay connected with Coach Mandy for more exclusive offers!
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